Repotting Service

Plant being repotted - Repotting service at Urban Tropicana Plant Shop London

Let us do the dirty work for you

If soil isn’t your thing and your plant(s) need repotting then contact us using the form below to book a slot, drop them off to us and we’ll repot them for you.

Our hand-mixed, peat free potting compost contains all the ingredients your plants will need to thrive, including worm castings, coir and perlite.

Unfortunately we are unable to complete home visits - plants will need to be dropped off & collected at either of our stores in West London.

Repotting Service Request Form

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Replacement pots can be purchased in-store or you can bring your own pots if you prefer.



Small (less than 12cm) - £5

Medium (12cm to 18cm) - £7

Large (19cm to 24cm) £12

Extra Large (25cm 29cm) - £15

*30cm + pots to be agreed upon enquiry*

Cactus & Succulents

Small (less than 12cm) - £5

Medium (12cm to 18cm) - £9

Large (19cm - 24cm) - £20

*25cm + pots to be agreed upon enquiry*

** If plants require additional / replacement of support system ie moss poles, etc additional charges will apply - £6 for moss poles 60cm or less, £12 for moss poles over 60cm) **