Plant Rescue Boxes

The Plant Rescue Box

If you’ve ever visited one of our West London stores you may have heard us mention that “nothing goes in the bin” and it’s true. We don’t throw any of our plants or their plastic nursery pots away. There will always be someone willing to take one of our rescue plants home with them and give them a second chance. Since opening our Northfields store in May 2021 we’ve had so many customers come back and tell us how well their rescue plant is doing. 

We live in a world where we throw far too much away, where it’s often cheaper to buy new than reuse, recycle or rescue. The plant industry produces tonnes of waste each year and much of it is preventible. Tonnes of perfectly imperfect plants sent to landfill along with their plastic pots just because they might not look as good as social media says they should. 

Be part of the #NOPLANTWASTE revolution.

Introducing the Plant Rescue Box in collaboration with author & writer Sarah Gerrard-Jones. Sarah AKA @theplantrescuer is a plant lover and goes above and beyond to save the botanical beauties that she comes across in her daily life. 
By buying our rescue boxes, you can help us make a dent in the tonnes of waste that's generated by the plant industry every year. As online sales of plants grow, so do the mountains of plants that get discarded. Retailers are reluctant to sell a plant if it has even the slightest imperfection for fear the buyer will complain or demand a refund. The more complaints a retailer gets, the more inclined they are to throw away healthy plants just because they don’t look 'perfect'. Most of us now agree that throwing away vegetables because they’re wonky shouldn’t be an acceptable practice, and yet there are houseplants being discarded on a massive scale for the same reason. This needs to stop. 
"Plants shouldn’t end up in the bin just because they no longer look ‘perfect’. They deserve our love and care, for without them none of us would exist. All too often houseplants are treated as disposable items, like a wilted bunch of flowers but they are alive and do so much for us, the least we can do is try our best to help them recover" 
The boxes are £15 each. They are  available for Click & Collect from our Northfields store or UK Shipping.

Buy a Plant Rescue Box


Plant Rescue Box - Urban Tropicana


How many plants are in each box? 
Numbers will vary week to week but we guarantee a minimum of 3 plants per box. Plants will be picked at random and will only contain plants that we would be happy rescuing ourselves.
Should I buy a box?
Plants will need some TLC so ideally you will have a basic understanding of what they will need to thrive. If you're looking to learn more about nurturing and rescuing plants then these boxes are a good place to start.
Can I get a refund?
All the plants sold will be imperfect but with the right care will grow - so sorry, no refunds will be given. The price reflects the condition of the plants.” 

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